HR Consulting

Our Advisory Services

Change Management

Change is necessary for growth but often difficult to execute. Whether your organization is restructuring, merging, being acquired, or simply overdue for a process refresh, BRS can develop and implement the changes your business needs to transition.

HR Technology Systems

Identifying the right HR systems for your specific business needs can be overwhelming and time-consuming. BRS can assess your infrastructure requirements, then research and recommend the best technology solutions for your organization.

Online Office Integration

BRS offers customized online solutions for your Human Resources, payroll, time & attendance, and benefits management needs. Employers and employees can access their all-in-one system through our website as well as their own.

Benchmarking Best Practices

BRS utilizes best practices and presents alternatives for attracting, developing, and retaining the best talent. We also create action plans to achieve the desired results.

Workforce Planning and Strategy Development

BRS identifies and analyzes your workforce needs in terms of experience, skills, and competencies needed to achieve objectives based on industry and size.

Benefit Programs

BRS assists with the overall management of your benefit programs, including offerings and plan design. We also offer open enrollment support and communication.

Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s compensation claims are sensitive, requiring careful management. We handle these claims along with return-to-work programs and accident investigations.


Once a workplace problem escalates into an investigation, a timely and comprehensive response must ensue in compliance with applicable laws. BRS can conduct interviews and gather data to help principal parties make the right management decisions.

Risk Assessments/ Compliance Audits

Areas of potential risk include compensation and benefits, health and safety, policies and procedures, employee management, and more. BRS conducts HR risk assessments and compliance audits to identify threats and implement corrective measures.

Special Projects Assistance

Special projects can severely impact daily responsibilities. Whether expected or unexpected, these projects require additional resources beyond standard operations. BRS can assist with special projects and help achieve your desired outcomes.

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